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UPCOMING: OTHELLO with Hamlet Isn't Dead

I'm thrilled that this April, I'll be back onstage with Hamlet Isn't Dead, playing Emilia in Othello!

Grab your tickets here!

Director: Christopher Reed Brown

Assistant Director/Dramaturg: Michelle Kariuki

Stage Manager: Olivia Basile

Intimacy Choreographer: Stephen M. Eckert

Fight Choreographer: Susannah Wilson*

Music Director: Nick Stokes

Production Coordinator/CCO: Sophia Carlin

Producers/Artistic Consultant: Valerie Peter Chong and David Andrew Laws

Cast: Aaron Moore, Olivia Ridpath, Chapman Hyatt, Stephanie LaVardera,* Gregory Kowlessar,* Justin Parrish, Tori Anderson, Nick Stokes, Jamar Arthur, Jillian Cicalese, Michael Thomas Kennedy*

*Proud members of AEA


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