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What's Up?

Happy almost-spring!! It's a gorgeous, 70 degree day here in NYC, and I'm in the middle of a crazy audition season! But I just wanted to post about a few new projects and endeavors I have going on!

One of my favorite things about spring- DC cherry blossoms!

One of my favorite things about spring- DC cherry blossoms!

- I just recently did a voiceover gig for the George Washington Carver National Monument! (It's in Diamond, Missouri. Bet you didn't know you do). I am the narrator for their Elementary School Program Video. So if you're ever in Diamond, Missouri, make sure you check it out ; ) - I am also really excited that in January I became a guest artist for Ruddy Productions in NYC! They are a fantastic group of artists dedicated to fostering the work of emerging writers and actors, and I'm very excited to work with them on their spring reading series and New Works Festival! - I also recently became a teaching artist with Wingspan Arts in NYC, teaching drama classes for elementary school kids! Wingspan is a wonderful organization dedicated to exposing and engaging kids in all art forms, and I'm super stoked to be teaching with them! And more soon about upcoming shows with New Place Players! XO


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